Farm Fencing – To DIY or Contract?


cattle behind frs fenceFRS Fencing have serviced the fencing needs of  farmers Nationwide for over 30 years and in recent times have identified a gap in the market to offer top quality direct fencing materials and supplies coupled with expert fencing advice to offer a DIY option.

But do you have the time and skill to do the job correctly and to a high standard? – FRS Fencing offer a full ‘supply and fit’ contract fencing service to get the job done.


Tips before you embark on DIY Fencing

  1. Be prepared in advance and measure up the area you want to fence
  2. Make a list of materials needed – or ask FRS to help you in store. eg Strainers, posts, wire, staples, insulation etc.
  3. Check you have all hand tools required – or ask FRS to help you in store. eg Hammer, fencing pliers, wire pullers, wire dispenser (spinng jenny) etc.
  4. Is your post driver in good working order or if you need to hire one – is it available? and can you use it safely and effectively?
  5. Safety ! If you are working in unknown ground, check for overhead lines, buried cables and water pipes etc. It only takes a few minutes to check and could avoid an accident or money and time spent on repairs.
  6. Labour – have a good experienced tractor driver with you as a lot of the fencing work is done behind the tractor and if you are working a standard post driver you are depending on the tractor driver to operate the block of the post driver – which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands!

Advantages of Contract Fencing with FRS

  • Full range of quality materials in stock and selected by the FRS experts
  • FRS will get the job done quickly and effectively
  • All tools are at hand with the FRS fencing operator (saving you the cost)
  • Modern up to date machinery are used, e.g. side mounted post drivers, which means less driving around fields, which is important where there may be soft ground conditions etc.
  • All FRS operators are health and safety trained and fully insured. FRS Fencers are experienced, are very aware of what may go wrong and have an exceptional safety record.
  • FRS operators take all the leg work out of the job for their customers as they will bring all that is needed for carrying out the job.
  • With years of experience under their belts you can be assured a top quality job by FRS every time. 

Next Steps

So whether it’s DIY or contract fencing you need contact FRS Fencing who can provide advice and free quotations on both options for you. Do a ‘fencing health check’ or get FRS in to do it for you to ensure your fence is in good repair.

FRS Fencing are here to help you with any questions you may have. If required an experienced fencing operator can call to your farm and assess any problem you may have.


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