This year the EU Commission updated the Biocidal Product Regulations concerning the use of creosote and creosote-treated timber. As a result, creosote will be prohibited for use on fencing timbers. Creosote-treated timber will only be permitted to treat timber used for utility poles and railway sleepers.

The Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine, who are responsible for the implementation of the Biocidal Regulations in Ireland, have set the date of the 30th April 2023 as the last day creosote treated fencing material can be placed on the market in Ireland. From this date it will be prohibited to place creosote product or any creosote treated timber on the market for use in agricultural/equine fencing.

For many years creosote treatment has been the most popular treatment for agricultural fencing. The change will have a significant effect on the farming sector in Ireland. FRS Fencing staff are on hand to guide our customers through this change. Customers who wish to purchase creosote treated timber are advised to contact their local FRS office as products will be subject to availability while stocks last.

FRS Fencing will endeavour to provide the best possible quality alternatives for our customers. Currently there are several quality alternative fencing products available that will suit a wide range of fencing needs. These include copper oil-based treatments, Incised & Kiln Dried Tanalith timber, steel posts along with plastic posts. The wide variety of alternatives will ensure continuous supply of high-quality fencing systems to our customers.

All alternative options will have long-lasting warranties and are suitable for grant fencing. FRS Fencing will continue to source durable and robust fencing systems which are an ideal solution for Irish agriculture and equine fencing.

With over 40 years’ experience, FRS Fencing pride ourselves on providing a wide range of high-quality fencing systems to our customers. For more information on any of our fencing products, contact your local FRS Fencing store on