FRS Fencing has confirmed that fencing grant aid from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine has been extended to the use of Dura2 posts. Anyone wishing to secure these grants will now be able to apply as part of the current tranche of the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS).

This follows formal quality standard certification (IS436) being issued for Dura2’s use.  IS436 certification is a requirement from the Department before any timber post can be added to their approved products and qualify for grant aided fencing.

Dura2 is regarded as one of the highest quality creosote alternatives. The use of creosote on fencing products banned since 1st May last year.

Dura2 posts blend with existing creosote fences. They are environmentally safe and come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years. Manufactured from slow grown pine, Dura2 have no unpleasant odour. The production process involving multiple controlled dryings and treatments.

They have also been approved under the Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR). And passing all required environmental, human and animal risk assessments.

There are a wide variety of uses associated with Dura2 including residential, equestrian and agricultural fencing solutions. Providing posts that can withstand the harsh weather conditions while maintaining structural integrity. The timber is available in machine round, pointed posts, pointed straining posts, redwood pine and kiln dried.

“It is great to see the Department has extended their fencing grant aid to include Dura2,” said Donal Slattery of FRS Fencing. “We have seen strong demand for the use of Dura2 in fencing and people wanted to make sure they could use it as part of their grant aid submissions. With Dura2 having recently secured its quality standard certifications, the process will be straightforward for anyone seeking to include Dura2 in their grant applications. 0

“Since the use of creosote was banned last year, there has been a search for effective alternatives. As a creosote substitute the benefits of Dura2 are clear. It blends well with existing creosote posts, is durable and long lasting, doesn’t come with an odour, is environmentally safe and meets all the required safety standards.

“With the grant aid now being available we fully expect to see demand for Dura2 products grow further following its very successful launch on to the Irish market last year,” Mr. Slattery concluded.

Additional information about Dura2 is available here –

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