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A Versatile Alternative to Plywood Sheeting

Have you ever wondered if any useful products came back from all that recycled plastic from  farms? The answer is yes and it is a very useful product called Stokbord, which is readily available through your local FRS office for a wide range of uses.

Stokbord can be used as an alternative to plywood and is a very versatile product, which can be used in a variety of applications.

Stokbord Features

  • Made from recycled polyethylene
  • Standard Sizes 8 ft* 4ft  sheets with 6, 9 and 12 mm dept
  • It can act as an insulator
  • It won’t become brittle or Fade when exposed to sunlight; it absorbs UV Rays
  • It is reasonably Flexible
  • It can be pressure washed
  • It is Chew Resistant and is Non-Toxic

Stokbord Uses

  • Ideal for cladding walls of horseboxes, as it won’t dent when the horse kicks and won’t cause any harm to the animal.
  • Stokbord is excellent for van floors, as material won’t scratch easily.

Additional Stokbord Uses:

  • Cattle Races
  • Sheeting Gates
  • Sheeting Doors
  • Lining Buildings
  • Feed Trailer Floors
  • Grain Stores & Bins
  • Lining Troughs
  • Sheep Races & Pens
  • Replacing Tin Sheeting
  • On Ring Feeders

Stokbord Tips

  • To allow for slight movement once the stokbord has been fixed, make the holes in the board 2mm larger than the screws.
  • Use round-headed screws or a washer and bolt. Don’t use countersunk screws.
  • Ideally Stokbord should be fixed onto batons on the wall spaced 2-4ft apart. However, you can screw directly to the wall but most people attach to batons or plywood.

See Farmers Journal article here Stokbord Feature in FJ.