At FRS Fencing, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient fencing solutions in modern agriculture. With our comprehensive range of grant-approved products, we aim to support farmers in maximizing their farm’s potential while adhering to the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Continue reading to find out about what fencing products are eligible for grants under the Targeted Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) Tranche 3. 

Understanding the Schemes and Abbreviations 

The various Farm Fencing Grants within TAMS 3 fall under several schemes, as listed below: 

  • AWNSS (Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme) 
  • YFCIS (Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme) 
  • WFCIS (Women Farmer Capital Investment Scheme) 
  • OFICS (Organic Farming Capital Investment Scheme) 
  • FSCIS (Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme) 

Bovine Fencing 

For farmers involved in bovine husbandry, securing your livestock safely is paramount. FRS Fencing offers a range of grant-approved products including post & rail, fencing stakes, electric fencing, electric fencers, and gateways. You can avail of grants for these products under various schemes such as AWNSS, YFCIS, WFCIS, OFICS, and FSCIS. 

Sheep Fencing 

Sheep farming requires specialized fencing solutions to ensure the safety and containment of your flock. Our grant-approved sheep fencing products, including sheep mesh, wire strands, gateways, and mountain sheep mesh, cater to the unique needs of sheep farmers under the following schemes; AWNSS, YFCIS, WFCIS, and OFICS. 

Organic Farming Solutions for Pigs and Poultry 

For farmers committed to organic Pig and Poultry practices, FRS Fencing can provide grant-approved products for organic poultry housing and permanent poultry runs as well as permanent pig fencing. These are available under the Organic Farming Capital Investment Scheme. 

Equine Fencing Excellence 

Ensure the safety and security of your horses, by installing the appropriate fencing systems on site, if you need help with erecting fences, our expert team provide a supply and erect service. Our grant approved equine fencing solutions include post and rail, specialized horse mesh, horse tape/rope, and gateways. Our newest addition is the Dura2 fencing post, a quality alternative to creosote exclusively stocked by FRS Fencing. These products are eligible under the following schemes; AWNSS, YFCIS, and WFCIS. 

Farm Safety Fencing & Gates 

Safety should always be a top priority on any farm. FRS Fencing offer protective fencing solutions for slurry pits, silage pit safety gates, and gates for unroofed enclosures under AWNSS, YFCIS, WFCIS, OFICS, and FSCIS, helping you comply with safety regulations and protect both livestock and farm workers. 

How to Access TAMS 3 Grants 

For more information and to begin your application process visit:  

*Remember to consult your farm advisor for guidance on the application process. 

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