In February, the Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) was launched by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). The aim of TAMS 3 is to provide grant aid to farmers to build and/or improve a specified range of farm buildings and equipment on their holding. The new five year scheme has allocated a budget of €370m and has some new elements for farmers to avail of.

Returning from TAMS 2 there are the Animal Welfare, Nutrient Storage Scheme (AWNSS); the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme (YFCIS); the Organic Farming Capital Investment Scheme (OFCIS); the Dairy Equipment Investment Scheme (DES); the Low-Emissions Slurry Spreader Scheme (LESS); the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme (TCIS); and the Pig and Poultry Capital Investment Scheme (PPIS). However, 3 additional schemes have been introduced – Women Farmer Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS), the Farm Safety Capital Investment Scheme (FSCIS) and the Solar Capital Investment Scheme (SCIS).

This is good news for FRS Fencing farming customers looking to put in/upgrade their fencing systems as they can now apply for grant aid to help with this. A number of items which will improve grassland management and grazing infrastructure area eligible for grant aid of either 40% or 60% of the reference cost, depending on the applicant’s status. The higher rate of grant aid will be available under the Young Farmer Investment Scheme, the Woman Farmer Capital Investment Scheme and the Organic Farming Capital Investment Scheme.

For solar items, TAMS 3 includes solar powered water pumps, with a reference cost of €2,470/unit, and nose pumps with a reference cost of €292.22/unit. For the provision of funding for bovine electric fencing, with a reference cost of €2.77/m, solar electric fencers at €634/unit and gateways at €361.04.

Sheep fencing is also back with mesh wire and one strand of top wire with a reference cost of €6.75/m, mountain sheep mesh with one strand of wire is included at €8.81/m and gateways – the same as the bovine fencing option – at €361.04.

New to the scheme, equine fencing includes post and rail fencing has been added at a reference cost of €20.90/m, horse tape/rope at €6.60/m, specialised horse mesh at €29.98/m and gateways at €361.04.

Lastly, putting in farm roadways at a reference cost of €24.90/m (linear), and cattle underpasses (under a public road) at €5,000/m (linear) may also require fencing surrounds.

TAMS 3 is opening on a phased basis and all applications will go through a ranking and selection process after each scheme closing date. The Solar Capital Investment Scheme (SCIS), the Animal Welfare and Nutrient Storage Scheme (AWNSS) are now open with the remaining schemes to be open for applications on a phased basis by the end of May.

For farmers interested in finding out more about TAMS 3, click here. 

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