Congratulations to the students of Clonakilty Agricultural College who won the FRS Fencing Skills Challenge during the 2024 Teagasc Ag College Challenge Day on Wednesday 14th February. The competition, which featured six college teams of three, required each team to demonstrate their expertise in erecting an electric fence with precision and efficiency was judged by FRS Fencing Manager, Liam Kennedy.

The challenge involved specific tasks, including using two strands of HT Electric Fence wire suitable for cows and calves between designated strainers, employing Bryce End Insulators, and creatively forming a figure of 8 knot on the wire before straining. Participants were not allowed to use Gripples or any inline tensioners on the fence wires. The teams had to strategically connect the top and bottom strands of the fence while incorporating hand tools to install two 5ft intermediate posts at equal distances, complete with insultube insulators.
Teams were also tasked with erecting a two-strand electric handle gap way, ensuring the wires remained “live” in both open and closed positions. The intricacies continued with the formation of closing loops for gate handles using HT wire and insultube, along with creating a loop on the fence wires to secure gap handles in the open position.

A crucial aspect of the challenge was minimizing waste during fence construction. Safety was paramount, and participants were required to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhere to safe working practices. Leaving the fence in a safe condition and maintaining cleanliness around the working area were also essential criteria for evaluation.

Big congratulations also to Alana Brigdale, a student at Mountbellew College who was awarded the FRS Network Memorial Scholarship on the day. Alana is a student at Mountbellew Agricultural College who was 1 of 5 candidates in the running for the FRS Award. She will now go on to take up a 3-month internship with FRS to gain invaluable work experience.

FRS Fencing Skills Competition Winners



Alana Brigdale receiving FRS Memorial Scholarship Award